August 2014

LIUG4MD Acquired proclamations for MD in 4 states Alabama, Florida, Pennsylvania and Colorado

LIUG4MD  is dedicated to raising awareness in the fight against muscular & neuromuscular diseases.Light it Up Green for MD was created to draw attention to 52 Neuro-muscular disorders by Illuminating Landmarks across the U.S and the world  Lime Green . In addition to attaining state and a National Proclamation establishing August as Muscular Dystrophy Awareness/Light it Up Green for MD Month. Our Purpose is to Illuminate,Educate (the Public), Advocate for Families and raise funds till a Cure is found. We donate 100% from our Fundraisers  to  The Muscular Dystrophy Association to support services for Families like Summer Camp, Clinics as well as much needed Research. It is our goal is to one day eradicate all  Muscular dystrophies.

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2017  49 states and 7 cities declared August MD Awareness/LIUG4MD month in addition to  Illuminating 62 Landmark  across the US. Washtenaw,Michigan wrote it into their congressional minutes..;we raised over $1,000 dollars at our annual fundraising event. All in All success 

Cannot wait to see where we go next

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August 2016

We received 47 state Proclamations while 16 Landmarks Graciously Lit up Lime Green for MD Awareness. Shout out to Carpenters union Local 926 Tina DeGregorio for Lighting assist.  


Our Progress


August 2015

Yielded 46 states, Light in Arkansas state Capitol, Florida Jupiter Lighthouse & Miami Tower, Baltimore city Hall &  The Great wheel Seattle,WA